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Our Terms


No files with forbidden content, for example pornography, child pornography, racist media and/or illegal copies of copyrighted material. This list is not exclusive.

You may not store any data with illegal contents on Filezzz and make copyrighted material contents publicly available, e.g. by disclosing the links in a forum or on any other website.

At breach of the Upload rules, we are authorized to immediately delete files.


In order to use the infrastructure of Filezzz free of cost, you have to enter a letter combination for the retrieval of your file. You can download a certain amount of data per hour. If the volume is exceeded, a notice will appear.

At breach of the conditions of use, the user might be permanently banned from the free service.

Anyone writing a program with the aim to breach the conditions of use, will be prosecuted and made liable for any damage caused.

Filezzz reserves the right to block access that is being used by several customers at the same time.

Premium Accounts

Filezzz keeps the legal right to close an account that are used by several people. It is a violation of terms to share an account.

Premium Account members can download more data than users of the free service. Currently, a Premium Account allows the download of 10 Gigabyte ( Byte) per day.

The current status of your Account and an overview of your activities in the last 30 days are displayed in the Premium Zone. If you have exceeded your limit, you can log out and download more data using the free service.

At violation of our Conditions of use, we are authorized to block your access and delete your files. If you write programs aiming to violate our Conditions of Use, you will be prosecuted and made liable for any losses occurred.